Google began to roll out abbreviated subscribers counts for YouTube channels. After this update, it is not going to be possible for anyone other than channels owners/users to know the exact subscribers’ counts.

This change will be impacting  YouTube and the public YouTube Data API Services as well.

After this update, the subscriber’s counts will not show the exact number but the abbreviated number. For instance:

  • 6,227 subscribers will now be displayed as “6.2k”. Once the channel reaches 6,300, it will show as 6.3k.
  • 244,054 subscribers will now be displayed as “244K” as long as the channel does not reach 245,000.
  • Similarly, if a channel has 65,456,435 subscribers, it will be shown as “65M” until the channel reaches 66,000,000 subscribers.

Google says this update will help channel owners be more focused on creating contents and being lesser anxious about the subscriber counts.


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