Google is known to roll out new features and targeting options to help advertisers reach out to their target audiences more effectively. Over the coming weeks, Google Ads will be launching two new segments for a more refined and better way of targeting the audience through its two new ways namely Affinity audiences on Search and Seasonal Event Segments for in-market audiences for Search and YouTube. 

‘Nofollow’ tag has been there for long. But now there’s a change in it.  There’s nothing to panic though. It will work the same as always until March 1, 2020.

Today rel=“nofollow” works as a directive for Google which instructs the crawler not to follow a certain link tagged specifically with nofollow. However, Google will not take it as an instruction anymore. It means it may choose to respect or ignore this directive from March 2020.

Google Search Ads 360, a platform to manage campaigns across multiple search engines, has added auction- time bidding to improve campaigns’ performance. It goes to the Machine Learning (ML), which predicts performance based on the number of signals, viz. devices, location, time of day, etc. 

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