Google is about to enhance your spectrum of shopping experience by introducing shopping ads to YouTube’s home feed and search results. This will allow advertisers to get additional exposure and more insights on users’ shopping intent. A general audience is inclining towards video platforms at a rapid pace that helps them achieve a better understanding of products and brands.

Video representations have helped advocate a broader viewpoint for more satisfying purchases during the holiday seasons. Google acknowledges the benefits of displaying shopping ads on YouTube which it says will benefit advertisers. Exempli Gratia, ‘Users tend to shop way more during Black Friday sales than any other month. Shoppers feel the need to gain enough trust to just bag it on the go when they come across the product. Watching certain trusted reviewers will entrust shoppers enough to buy the product.’

Google is bringing shopping ads to YouTube’s home feed and search results where YouTube users will see visual shopping ads on their home feeds and search conducts. Shopping ads will be tailored exclusively to the interests of individual users.

Video content apart from a popular search tool has also become a liable source of infotainment and a platform for businesses trying to capture customers and holiday shoppers. Two-thirds of shoppers have driven inspiration and ideas from online videos for their purchase with the majority of them discovering new products and brands via YouTube.

As long as Advertisers have opted into YouTube’s Display Network, they are eligible to have their ads displayed on YouTube if they have been using standard shopping campaigns hitherto.

Google has also expanded shopping ads in various new placements. They have rolled out some new features to Merchant Center by recently announcing extensions which can be displayed alongside YouTube video ads. This can be customized with various calls-to-actions (CTAs) as this update marks another one of several updates to both YouTube and Shopping Ads.


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