Google is known to roll out new features and targeting options to help advertisers reach out to their target audiences more effectively. Over the coming weeks, Google Ads will be launching two new segments for a more refined and better way of targeting the audience through its two new ways namely Affinity audiences on Search and Seasonal Event Segments for in-market audiences for Search and YouTube. 

Here’s an insight into each of these targeting options.

Affinity Audiences for Search Campaigns

Targeting through Affinity Audiences will help advertisers reaching out to specific or niche audiences by analyzing their browsing history along with the pages visited and then associating an interest category with the audience to raise awareness and drive consideration among those who have already exhibited a strong fervent in a given topic.

‘For instance, if we were to sell camera equipment to the photographers, we will have to filter out the photographers and photo enthusiasts from the general audience. To reach avid photographers, we will pair an affinity audience like “Digital Photographers” with generic camera keywords. Including this additional audience, the layer will increase your reachability among people who are not only searching for cameras but are also passionate about Photography.’

According to Google, Volkswagen used affinity audiences to target specified users to achieve a 250% increase in conversion rate as compared to its non-audience traffic recently. Affinity Audiences increases market reach while driving incremental conversions with more controlled targeting on GDN or YouTube.

Seasonal Event Segments for In-Market Audiences

Google Ads is introducing a whole new Seasonal Event Segments for In-Market Audience for the holiday season on Search and YouTube. This provides a better insight into how targeting methods can be used to reach people with timely offers.

‘For instance, Samsung used the Diwali and Christmas segments to focus on shoppers actively looking for new electronics such as television, fridge etc. By using these segments the brand saw a significant increase in conversion rate and a notable reduction in cost per conversion.’

This option can help expand prospecting campaigns to reach an audience based on their search and browsing signals rather than just specific query intent signals that you’re already targeting with keywords. These new audiences will be accessible in the Google Ads UI in the coming weeks.


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