This is not you who find a customer for your business. This is your customer who finds you if you are available at the right time to him or her. This is the kind of marketing in the new era of 2020. But this can only happen when your Local SEO is strong.

What is Local SEO?

As we know people search for things online whether it is a small electricity shop or the best restaurant in the city. Now your business needs to rank in search engine page result to get into the eye of users.

Location plays a major role in Local SEO, as people search for things for example– salons near me, a restaurant near me, and an electric motor shop near me. There is no use of ranking at the universal level for these searches.

The moral of the story is you need to optimize things to shine at the local level.

Local SEO guide

You get a list on Google when you search for things at the local level. For instance, best Jewelry shop near me, you get a list with a phone number, location, website link with reviews and ratings on left. This is exactly where you want to stand.

Let’s get started

Time to Optimize Your Website

free tools to optimize website

It’s time to sneak peek into your website’s SEO to find loopholes. The best practices for local SEO are-

  • NAP-Name, address, phone number

Your business is unlikely to come upon the search engine result page unless you provide full detail of your business- name, address, phone number, email.

  • Make phone number and email clickable

You can make your business more reachable by making phone number and emails clickable. As soon as users show interest in you they can contact you. Even before all this, you need to optimize your site for mobile devices.

  • Add map

Don’t make it a treasure hunt by not adding a map to it. Instead, make the journey of your potential customer convenient.

  • Schema markup

Top search engines- Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. collaborated to form, a micro database where you put details of your business that will be shown in search results. It helps your business to get optimized at the local level. This makes search engines to understand that you are a business at local level. It will automatically put you in search results.

Know More: Google’s New Snippet Settings Offers More Flexibility to Webmasters

  • Testimonial

Search engines always want to show trustworthy results to users. Testimonials show your worth. Either you can put testimonials at the end of the page or could have a dedicated page.


Like that at standard level, here also blogging plays a significant role but there is a slight difference.

Blogs at the local level include the name of the city, recent events, any famous stuff related to your business, etc.. If you have a restaurant in Lucknow, you can write about famous food items in Lucknow and link its availability to your restaurant. However, it should not have any promotional content because people don’t search for things with that intent.

Including local events also helps to engage the audience.

Common mistake– Many businesses have multiple websites for content marketing. According to experts having one strong website is better than the former approach.

Avoid taking content from another website.

Google My Business

google my business

Ensure your presence on Google by filling details on Google My Business. Google will ensure to present a detailed profile for searchers on Google maps and on the result page.

Customer Review Factor

You need to be wary of bad customer reviews. I am saying this from my personal experience. I went for a movie once where

Common mistake to avoid

  • Not abiding by review policies- before you ask for a review you must know the policies of the platform. Promotional content, multiple reviews for the same business, etc.
  • Asking for a good review in exchange of incentives or something

You don’t need to be wary of a few bad reviews if you maintain the quality of your business.


Citation is nothing but full detail of your business name, address, phone number, or website that you can provide on yelp, Hotfrog, foursquare, etc. Ensuring your business presence on many local business directories helps major search engines like Google to crawl you. This will help to improve your ranking at the local level.

Another source of a citation could be Industry-focused directories or locally-focused directories. You are likely to be crawled by local search engines.

Identical profile on every platform

Make sure that your business presence is identical everywhere. Don’t even try to misplace comma from its place. Keeping your general information everywhere the same again helps search engines to crawl the related information for indexing.

build connections with similar business

Building a relationship with others in the similar niche is also helpful.  They are your competitors but you can gather some inbound links through them.

You can participate in their blog by leaving a thought-provoking comment with the link of your site.

This way you can generate user’s interest and bring them on your site.


The essence of this full blog is that you must ensure your full detail on every platform. No matter you are a small business, it all depends on local SEO optimization.

Mostly, Local searches are on mobile so everything should be aligned that way.

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