Every business owner aims to generate more revenue and leads online through Google Ads or formerly known as AdWords. It is one of the most important pieces of a larger digital strategy. If you know the key to utilize it in the most efficient fashion, you’ll have a successful company. Choosing the right keywords and optimizing your ads according to your strategy while outbidding the competition will keep you ahead of your game.  Since so much is involved in an Ads campaign, it is therefore not recommended for an inexperienced person to manage it.

Google helps you advertise and make money off the search engine that just won’t let you fail. After all, Google’s best interests for you will make sure you succeed and spend your money on Ads. With thousands of self-proclaimed Ads experts, it’s difficult to know whom you should work with.

Advantages of Google Premier Partner

The first thing about Google reviews is its qualified and competent customer service. They check for the marketing budget that is invested within the best customer interest and if your company can guarantee it. Being a Google Partner ensures at least two individuals being established in-depth Ads skills and meets its requirements. Some companies have mandated Ads certification as a part of their on-boarding process for every employee. One of the best possible advertising solutions for you regardless of your department is the expertise gained over years working with professionals. Along with that PPC automation tools is also one of the strong fundament for worldwide success.

However, the Premier-Partner status is an important achievement that depicts high process standards without compromising in quality. Having a great relationship with Google along with an extensive track history with its representatives can get you access to a large number of benefits. Some of the benefits that come along with being a Google Premier-Partner include a big credibility boost for you as a company.

Showing some sort of badge on websites or other online properties as well as offline marketing materials will definitely increase your credibility. Moreover, being a Premier-Partner will increase your company profile and visibility on the Google Partner Search website thus granting you access to advanced training and support. You will be sent an invitation to exclusive Google events and you’ll be privileged to have the ability to earn company specializations.

Getting a Google Premier-Partners badge

Premier-Partner status is symbolic that your company has demonstrated Google Ads skill while meeting Google Ads spend requirements. It accounts for the successful delivery of company agency and client revenue growth with a sustained and grown client base. Partner status gives your company access to various benefits including the Google Partner badge that can be shown on your website and marketing materials. Here are a few steps that can help you set up a Google Premier-Partners badge.

  • Company Profile

First, you need to create a Partners company profile to be listed on the Google Partner Search. This profile will include basic information about your company such as the name of your agency, website, contact information, description and services offered by you.

  • Google Certification

The next step to fulfill the certification requirements includes at least two of your employees to accomplish the Google Ads Fundamentals. Along with that, they also need to pass an additional advertising exam in order to provide advanced Ads knowledge. Owning Google Ads and Shopping certificate is not a big challenge for those who have experience in it. You can also earn a Google Ads Search Certification by demonstrating your skills and expertise of Google Ads Search campaigns. You can complete the diagnostic assessment with Skillshop and proceed to get certified.

  • Spend Requirements

Google Partners are required to invest at least 10,000USD in Ads within a period of 90 days across their managed accounts. On the other hand, Google Premier-Partners need to invest even more. Any country or market area also affects the minimum Ads budget like spending around $30 Million media budget in 90 days if you are a Google Premier-Partner.

  • Company Performance

One of the major steps when it comes to meet the performance requirements, you have to deliver solid overall Ads revenue and growth. Additionally, you can also ensure the highest possible level of quality to your customer base is constantly growing.

Recent Updates & Trends

Well, after June 2020, eligible for the Premier Partner status changed. Companies will be required to earn the new Partner badges initially. Successively, the Premier status will be granted to the top 3% of the participating companies from Google Partners program during each calendar year. Selecting a Premier Google Partners is based on numerous factors like Annual Ads spend across managed accounts, client retention & growth, and other information. Evaluation is subsequently done on an annual basis where status may not be available in all markets.

  • Company Performance

(Before) Performance requirements were usually met by delivering solid overall ad revenue and growth while maintaining and growing your customer base. Partners used to evaluate the client’s account which was linked to your manager account during the 18 month period. Earlier, Partners have required a spending activity of at least 12 months.

(After June 2020) Performance requirement is met by using Google Ads effectively to set up and run optimal campaigns to maximize outcome.  Recently, access to your ‘Recommendations’ tab will let you see the actions you can take to improve your performance.  The evaluation of the optimized score will be done without dismissing the recommendations for the company performance requirement.

  • Spend

(Before) A 90-day ad spends requirement of 10,000 USD as required by your company across your managed accounts to show a healthy amount of activity.

(After June 2020) A 90-day ad spend requirement of 20,000 USD is required by your company across your managed accounts to show a healthy amount of activity.

  • Certification

(Before) A company was required to have 1 user certified in Google Ads. The individual must have an admin or standard access to the company’s Google Ads manager or any other account linked to the company’s Google Partners registered Google Ads manager account.

(After June 2020) A company is required to have at least 50% of its eligible users earn updated certifications. You can earn a Google Ads Search Certification by demonstrating your skills and expertise in Google Ads Search campaigns. You can complete the diagnostic assessment with Skillshop and proceed to get certified.

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