Google always try to make user’s online journey seamless. With the increased involvement of people in online search for services and products, Google has proved its credibility. Google my business is one of them.

You must have searched something with “near me” tag, restaurants near me, tailor near me, boutique near me, etc. A list is there on one click. That is the place where your business deserves a space.

For further elaboration keep scrolling.

What is Google my business?

If I explain it to you simply, it is just a medium between customers and businesses. Back in time, only a few people were able to recognize any new business. Now, earning recognition is not that hard.

It is mainly for brick and mortar businesses. In the end, a customer meets a service provider face to face to fulfil its needs. To find it, all relevant information like address, directions, phone number, website, etc. is at hand. Reviews and photos help you in making a wise choice.

Many times, I see a long list of queries associated with GMB listing like What do I do, if I have two businesses at the same location? Do I have to compromise on one?

The answer is NO; you don’t need to compromise on your business till it is distinct in a way. But what are the conditions, legalities, and formalities, it is all covered further.

What’s the eligibility criteria?

In case you have many businesses under one roof, they should have unique addresses and phone numbers to get listed in GMB. Also, you don’t have the right to get listed for an unauthorized location.

So, if you are the one running businesses legitimately but have some doubts, you can follow the following guidelines.

Many business owners run many businesses under one umbrella and are distinct enough to be categorized for listing. But you don’t want to be left out from listing, here are things you must check-

  • One business inside another– Let’s say you have a shopping complex and canteen at the same location but the canteen is located inside the shopping complex. Nomenclature plays a very important role. Your place should have a clearly defined name. For instance, Burger King and Walmart and not Burger king in Walmart.
  • Co-located business– If two distinct businesses share a place, they deserve mention in the list separately. Either you can mention one business or both if they are eligible for distinct listing.
  • Distinct naming– As I mentioned earlier that the name of your different brands existing at the same location matter a lot. Here is one safety measure that you can consider. If you have two different forms of business, for instance, an apparel shop named unique collection and bouquet shop with the name Unique bouquet collection, under this situation, you may get filtered out by Google. Try to have a distinct name of your businesses if they are sharing the same place.
  • Different events on the same or different location- There is no clear stake from Google’s side on this. Though you can avoid listing places that are out of your authority. Even if you owe the place, listing minute events in the same place may not be a smart approach.

If you are a life coach and have distinct places to visit but there is no point in listing your work because of two reasons. Firstly, it is not a brick and mortar and your place is not fixed. However, you may get permission to get yourself listed for the place but it could create an image of spam.

  • Avoid the same category- If your multiple businesses share categories, you may find that only one will show up in the list. The obvious reason is the same category. The keywords relevant to more than one business will create conflict and only one business will prevail. Listing of the same category business located at the same place is not considered as the best practice.
  • Be away from competitors- You may have felt this situation sometimes. You checked your rank on the list, you are happy that you are there. After a few days, you are not there. You may think, there could a technical glitch but it is not so. The reason for you getting kicked out from the list is due to competitors. You share the category of those around you for instance, restaurants, and sometimes keywords fail to rank your position on the list. When many businesses of the same categories are too closely located, Google filter out the best one. If you can ensure that your business is not in too much proximity, you can beat this problem. I am not saying to take your business in a remote location. You just have to ensure that it is distinctively visible on zooming and not kind of overlapping.

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Google’s policy is to serve the best to its users. You may witness ups and downs in ranking but it is not a big problem unless you adhere to its policies. If you try to show your brands falsely on Google, it will catch you and penalize you. So, make sure you have a different address and phone number with the different people serving there. Rest is fine, though the competition is huge, ranking can fluctuate due to keywords and all but work hard, earn trust, all you need is this.

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