Google Go, which was launched in 2017 for only selected countries and on Android (Go edition) devices, now becomes available to worldwide.

It is a light weighted app, only 7MB, but is packed with several features you might need to google your next query and to be updated with the things you love.

Smartphone users in countries like India, Brazil, Nigeria, etc. face issues of slow and unstable internet connection, Google Go app is designed for such users. It can bring out the Google search results even on a very slow internet connection. There is also an interesting setting in it, which allows you to save about 40% of your internet data. A setting can be turned on to use the light mode of the app.

Google Go is available for all Android devices running at least the “Lollipop” version.

Google v/s Google Go

  • Light-weighted

As compared to the Google app Google Go is much lighter. It uses only 7MB space of your phone. It is targeted for emerging markets (where Android users are more).  Google app takes 28 MB space, so it is better to switch on Google Go.

  • Works in an unstable connection

The network in an emerging market is not as strong as in the developed market. Users in such situations face the issue of slow and interrupted connection. This hampers the businesses of potential markets.  Keeping this in mind Google Go is designed to tackle all the issues a user faces. It can show up the results faster as compared to other browsers.

  • Google lens

Recently one more feature is added to it. Point the camera to the text you want to know about. Now you can translate, listen or search on that text. If you tap the option listen, it will read out the text simultaneously highlighting the word.

Apart from this, you can use the app in multiple languages. It will show important updates and news feed relevant to your interest. It will also give you suggestions without even searching for it.

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