Google Ads Editor version 1.2 has been introduced with several new features including support for new campaign types. If you haven’t upgraded it yet, it’s the time.

Google Ads Editor version 1.2 now supports app campaigns for engagement and Discovery campaigns. These can now be created and edited at scale using the latest version of Google Ads Editor. Here are some of the salient features of the latest changes made by Google’s Ads Editor.

  1. Share negative keywords list-

Negative keyword lists can be shared across accounts by applying them in Editor’s Shared Library. This will help prevent your ads from showing up for unwanted keywords. It basically categorizes your ads for the corresponding keywords.

  1. Search Errors-

Now, Google Ads Editor can search for specific errors across all campaigns and accounts. Upon noticing an item marked with a particular error; you can immediately identify every other place where that problem exists.

  1. Condensed Edit Pane-

Empty fields will now be hidden in the edit pane. This will aid to a facile approach towards finding the fields you need when there are groups of repeated, empty fields to scroll through. It will also be possible to display empty fields when needed.

  1. Nomenclature of Images-

Google Ads editor will now display names for images downloaded from a Google Ads account. Any new image uploaded to the Editor from a computer will be added to Google Ads with the file name same as the image name.

  1. Maximize Conversion Value for search campaigns-

You can now maximize conversion bidding strategy as it is now supported for Search campaigns. Google leaves the field of strategy blank if it observes the “Target ROAS” field of a strategy is not allowed.



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