Google Search Ads 360, a platform to manage campaigns across multiple search engines, has added auction- time bidding to improve campaigns’ performance. It goes to the Machine Learning (ML), which predicts performance based on the number of signals, viz. devices, location, time of day, etc.  According to the reports, many Google 360 advertisers have seen a rise in conversions from 15% to 30 % at the same or better ROI.

What it actually means?

Google Search Ads 360 analyzes campaign in every 6 hours and recommends the strategy to set bids. On the flip side in smart bidding, with the help of machine learning, real-time bidding is possible. Data is the key to this magic. There are billions of searches on Google every day.  It analyzes the number of signals like, device, location, time of the day, etc and predicts performance. This feature of Google Ads allows it to set bidding automatically based on these signal combinations.

It also analyzes your account history, conversion registered by floodlights, Google marketing platform’s conversion tracking system, and other things to predict the possibility of conversion by ad click. It has been seen that cost-per-conversion reduces by 15% with the help of smart bidding.

So, PCC advertisers can avail of the opportunities with real-time bidding.

How much time will it take?

You may not get results immediately because it improves with time. However, you can expect some changes after at least one week. Google Ads’ performance improves with time and more data. Machine learning is all about analyzing the data, the more it gets, and the more it improves. So, you have to keep patience for sometime after you enable auction time-bid.

How to enable auction time bidding?

It is generally available in Google 360 and also in Google beta for Google search campaigns.

To enable auction-time bidding, go to your existing bid strategy, check for “Auction-time bidding” under “engine features”. By opting for this you agree to share the bid strategy’s floodlight conversion with Google Ads.


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