SEO is an organic way of marketing, on the other hand, PPC is a paid approach. Both build a brand across the digital platform but the combined effect is more powerful. Relying on one doesn’t give benefits in the long run, if you don’t believe, pick any brand, and relate it. Amazon, Nike, American Express, Dominos are a few of them.

Technically, SEO and PPC are the same, as both involve work on keywords and both are used for ranking on SERP. Marketers used both but many combine it for greater impact. If you too want to know how you can do it, here is the list-

  1. Take a hint from the best performing ads

As I told you that PPC and SEO are related in a way, you can use this relation to have the best of both worlds. Your best performing ads are indicators that tell about the behavior, reaction, and other relevant information about users. Based on the information, you can design meta descriptions, title tags, and content of your page. Soon, you’ll find to your surprise that your rank for organic search has improved dramatically.

This is not a trick, it’s just that you used data of best performing ads to push yourself a bit. So, this is the first way to combine data of PPC and SEO.

  1. Brand imaging

If you think that being on rank one only through PPC is enough, you are wrong. PPC ads are on top but below it, organic search results are ranked. Since clients spending dollars in PPC campaigns are naturally inclined towards it. SEO can develop strong visibility. You’ll be visible in top ads and organic search as well. So, a successful brand image could be created with this effort.

  1. Improve keywords search in SEO

You apply hit and trial to check whether keywords are performing or not. It is a gradual process and sometimes you are tired of it. PPC can make your life easy here. The keywords are performance indicators and you just want to know it’s popularity among users, you can easily check this in PPC, rather than measure its performance. Technically, you have a better analysis at your end as you can compare SEO metrics to PPC metrics.

This way you can improve the pace of your sluggish SEO actives for better results.

  1. Boost for e-commerce

For any e-commerce site, it is impertinent to have a search bar. Site search not only offers a better experience to users but also it lets you identify something. You can find the set of keywords users are aligned to for searches. Some may use short keywords, some may use long-tail keywords but ultimately you’ll have the set of keywords that can work for you in PPC and SEO. It’s not a bad idea to pick some keywords directly from your e-commerce site, so enable site search on your website.

  1. Remind users to complete their action

Through SEO, you can build amazing brand awareness, agreed but what if you don’t get conversions? Some users could tinker around your site, maybe making up their minds. Don’t let them go, they are precious. Encourage them to complete their action. Show the ads of the products/service there were looking for and target them. When you remind them of their task, many of them will visit again to your site to complete the action.

Here PPC sounds incomplete without SEO because you’ll come across the data to target only after successful SEO.

  1. Improve decision-making

I know you are already taking down so much out of your analysis that you won’t like to listen to the same suggestion. To date, you may be analyzing data separately for PPC and SEO. Now, you need to go smarter.

Perhaps, you can analyze bounce back rate, time spends, conversion rate, etc. easily when you combine data of SEO and PPC. This will help you make quick and smart decisions.

  1. Reduce PPC expenditure

Like PPC can help improve SEO performance, vice-versa is also true. You can reduce PPC expenditure by handing over high-cost keywords to an SEO specialist to figure out organic reach. It seems to be a rigorous process but could be worked out if tried.

In PPC instead, you can invest in long-tail keywords that are often used by the SEO team.

From the SEO team, you can ask for the location-related information to use it in PPC. If your business is getting attention from a particular location, you can target that area using PPC to serve your ads. So, you can avail of the combined effect of both PPC and SEO.

Final words

The better version of a business lies in a smart approach. Though you can reach the PPC expert or an SEO specialist, least did they know that if they merge their activities, they can do wonders. If you have an in-house team, you can try it out.

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