If you feel satisfied with what you are earning with your current marketing strategies, you are not a real marketer. A diligent marketer always runs for a bigger piece of cake. Strategies are like the goose that lay golden eggs for you but as long as you are taking care.

Long back you heard the advice to stay active on social media, blogging, video tutorials SEO all other buzzwords. Let me tell you that Video tutorials have become obsolete as influencers are taking lead in the market. So, you need to shift your strategy to influencer marketing. Similarly, there are a lot many things that have changed in the past two to three years only. For instance, well-optimized content, guest posts in blogs, website optimization, etc.

If you want to know whether it’s time for you to switch up a new strategy, come along with me.

  1. Check how long it has been since you generated lead

Your zodiac sign may lie to you about your day but this sign has sure shot a warning. If you haven’t got lead lately, minor changes can reverse the current situation. The problem arises when you haven’t received much for a long time. Social media, blogs, websites, etc. are just tools, the story begins with how you play with these.

The landing page is the most important part of lead generation where you find your potential customer. There you need to put some attractive options for visitors. Other things like easy navigation, clear information about you also matters. Smart options like live chat through Chabot could also be used. Tidio, Facebook messenger, crisp, landbot are some available options for the same.

Easy navigation keeps the interest of visitors intact you can smartly put call-to-action buttons at the relevant place on your page and earn conversions.

  1. You have updated website a long time ago

Potential customers won’t take a moment to switch to another counter if yours take too long. Similarly, if your website has become outdated, nobody will take an interest in it. Outdated could mean anything from design to optimization.

If your website gives you feel that it is going to die soon. Take an audit of your website and make it alive again.

Maybe your content is outdated. Let me tell you one more thing, a website must not take more than 3 secs to load. A big no to hard navigation.

A website represents your business to the world, it contains contact information. It is not the only reason to work on your site. Your website is also responsible for the trust factor.

  1. You are still carrying the age-old marketing strategy

I want you to travel back & figure out when did you plan your marketing strategy last? The one thing that puts you at zenith is strategy whether it is inbound or outbound. Though the former demands change on a frequent note if it has been more than two years, you must revise it on both fronts.

Why you need a change?

One simple answer is technology. It has already engulfed the marketing tactics thus increased competition. You designed your strategy two years back on a behavioral pattern that is less relevant today. You lack a fresh set of data that AI can get you in no time. Marketers are also using chatbot (again a form of AI) for live chat.

All these changes have come in the past two years and more is yet to come.

So, integrate your marketing skills with technology and regularly update it to uncover new strategies. So, use no old strategies whatsoever.

  1. Surplus or dearth of money

In business, the budget fluctuates which is supernormal. There is stuff like bills, investment, salaries, sales on which it depends. This situation could also be a sign that you want to bring changes in your business.

If your turnover has increased, think of putting it back in your business for further expansion. As I told you about technologies, you can put that investment in it. Anyhow you have to do it soon, so why not today? You’ll not have to rely on loans also. Or if your business is not performing well due to any reason, it is also a sign that you need a change.

  1. You are stick to a single type of marketing

Either your focus is only on inbound or outbound marketing, if it is so, it is a sign. Inbound marketing is done digitally other than that is outbound. Video content, podcast, e-book, etc. come under the umbrella of inbound marketing. Billboards, brochures, and other print advertising medium fall under outbound marketing.

In marketing, whosoever gives you the advice to put all your energy into one type of marketing is fooling you. You will get to know it when this decision backfire. Both the method complement each other and you get the best out of it.

  1. Changing marketing trends and audience

You want to reach a new audience but don’t know what is trending in the market? You may have a presence on social media but don’t know the targeting methods. The paucity of know-how only restrains you from creating a new audience base. Marketing trends and new audiences are interlinked concepts. Millennials are more tech-friendly, if you encourage them to download your apps, you will meet them. You can reach the young audience on Snapchat too which is widely used by them.

It’s time to think out of the box and catch up on the new marketing trends.

  1. A fresh brand, a new product or the same one in new market

In all the cases you need a go-to-market strategy. GTM is the most important step when you are about to launch a new product or brand and it depends on time. Old is gold but not in the matter of strategies. It changes so quickly that what you implemented a few years back may not work today.

You can plan out everything around these points-

  • Why do you want to launch that product/brand?
  • What is your main objective?
  • Your target audience?
  • Define each point in your strategy

GTM strategy is never the same, every time you are up to launch or re-launch things, you require a fresh start.

Don’t stop here and explore….

These are just seven signs that you may have not noticed earlier but now you know. There could be other points as well. I would suggest going through your entire marketing strategy frequently to stay on top. If you feel you need a change, you can contact a consultant. Also, you can regularly update the skill set of your employees to stay tech-friendly changes.

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