Tapping your head with the pen in hand won’t work. Creativity is a spark that can sneak in anytime but not when you are in an urgent need. We all want to know the mantras to bring out the best of our creative side. Creative people are no different than anybody; every person has the germ of creativity. The question is how you make the difference.

New ideas are the source of change and change is important to renew the old system.

We all know that morning is the best time to bring out new ideas. A plethora of ideas can hit your mind in the morning but we often mess up the golden period of the day. Our busy schedule leaves us with no time for ourselves.

There are certain hacks that scientists have dug out for us by which you increase your creativity level. Here are seven of that creativity hacks… 

  1. Avoid the greed to sleep more

We can show the best level of creativity in the morning, according to the study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology. So, you can miss out on the golden time if you postpone your wake up time.

Avoid the greed of sleeping more

People consider multiple alarms and snooze as the best trick to wake up early. In reality, snooze is harmful to our minds. The person who has multiple alarms experiences fatigue. Dizziness and confusion will take over your mind.

So say no to snooze and let don’t let your sleep cycle get disturbed. It is just a matter of 30 minutes. A brisk walk or a light exercise may help you to get out of sleepy mode.

  1. Exercise in fresh air

Stress is the enemy of creativity. Physical activity is in inverse proportion to stress, so it aids in relieving from stress.  The more you are involved in physical activity, the less you can experience stress.

Hiking, running, aerobics, and all other high intense activities aids in increasing the level of creativity in you.

Let us understand the science behind it. Allowing the brain to calm down makes the cerebral cortex (front part of the brain) to relax. This leaves a wide road open for creative thoughts.

Even a brisk walk in the morning can help.

  1. Don’t jump to caffeine

No pain, no gain! People obsessed with caffeine consumption may get annoyed here, but this is an effective hack.  We jump to tea and coffee as soon as we wake, some even don’t wake up properly and demand bed tea.  Resist the temptation of consuming caffeine for at least an hour.

Many of you may feel this is contradictory but there is the logic behind it. Our brain produces a natural boost as we wake up, which is nothing but cortisol level. This level is at a peak in the morning. Consuming caffeine may interrupt this natural boost.  After some time you can have your favorite caffeine boost.

  1. Write your thoughts

It is an extremely beneficial therapeutic exercise. You don’t need to be a writer for that matter. Just sit down in the morning, write your thoughts, work plan or anything you want.

According to a study, you can spend your day with a clear vision when you write. Writing your thoughts away with a free hand on a fresh notebook activates your brain.

  1. Mindfulness Meditation

Explore the depth of the ocean within you. Our mind is preoccupied with thousands of thoughts the whole day. You can clear the cluster of bad quality thoughts with the help of meditation.


Mindfulness meditation helps to identify your main goal; increases focus and bring peace in life. Give it a try, you will feel light, peace, and energized.

Research has shown that people who don’t practice meditation tend to give old ideas and ways to solve a complicated query. People who practice mindfulness meditation can provide new ideas easily.

  1. 10 minutes of music can boost you up

We all know that music is a mood booster; it can also stimulate the creative part of your brain. It helps to increase focus when you are doing creative work. Students are advised to listen to classical music, but it is also good for you. It triggers that portion of the mind which is responsible for bringing new ideas to your mind.

  1. Put your phone on silent mode

Avoid replying for messages and social media when engaged in creative work. This may interrupt the chain of thoughts.

For novel ideas focus is an important thing. You may not get the time to meditate every morning but you can avoid Instagram and Facebook to increase your concentration.

Humans demand flexibility. You can’t achieve what you want with a rigid mindset, so use all the hacks in combination with each other. Slow and steady wins the race. Adapt yourself to these habits to achieve your goal.


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