As time goes by, everything changes, successive generation demands new, be it in fashion, technology, or way of doing work. The same applies in the field of digital marketing, the old approach to earn customers will have to get buried one day. That day has probably arrived because we are in 2020. Why will you do so? The simple answer is competition. To remain in the race, marketers will integrate new technologies for effective cost-cutting.

We can’t shy away from the fact that artificial intelligence has spread its cobweb in almost all sectors and digital marketing is no behind. You may not feel the need for it now but could repent soon. As the cliché goes precaution is better than cure, you must give a thought to it now.

So, here are some marvelous points covered for digital marketers who want to remain in the race for a long time

1. Artificial Intelligence

2025 to 2030, AI will blow off marketers who don’t keep up with the changing trends. Mckinsey also pointed out that AI could add $13 trillion by 2030 and we have also started seeing its involvement in life. From automatic mail sending, plagiarism check to automatic running car AI has already seeped into the world of marketing.

How AI can particularity do in digital marketing?

It could ease the process for which you have spent nights in market research, targeting strategy, etc. AI can metamorphose your PPC. With AI you can get the demography of your exact audience in no time. No more wasting time in guesswork.

Either knowingly or unknowingly people are dealing with AI on the daily. Your behavior is tracked by AI to suggest similar or complementary products. It is already in use for e-commerce transactions.

But not only e-commerce but AI has changed the whole user experience. Now they can let their booking for services without any human interruptions.

We can’t understand the rapidly changing trends all we can do is catch it up.

2. Chatbot

Imagine a well-designed website that a user gets in. A query arises in the mind of the user and tries to contact Gmail-id and phone number but couldn’t make her mind to contact you. There is another website with a Chabot who is ready to serve you even at 3:00 AM. You asked the query and got a satisfactory answer. The user is more likely to reach out to this service.

chatbot - digital marketing trends

The job of a chatbot is not limited to this, it could be a great brand’s representative. You can leverage the never-ending vibrancy of chatbot.

3. Conversational Marketing

We want to hear from you, let’s have a conversation, doesn’t it sounds soothing to you. The same strategy goes right with customers. They want to get hear as soon as possible, scheduled calls have become redundant and have been replaced by chats in real-time.

conversational marketing

Conversational marketing through chat cuts an old long process to bring the one-on-one interaction between a customer and a service provider. Real-time discussions reflect the ready-to-serve attitude and increase customer’s interest.

4. Personalized Marketing

This concept is not new, pick your smartphone and scroll your inbox you’ll find many personalized messages of various services. From home loan to reminder of left product in the shopping cart, all resembles the personalized marketing strategy. Today’s youth could be found over social media easily that’s why big brands also add a flavor of personalized marketing in their social media campaign. Share A Coke campaign by Coca-Cola, Do Us A flavor campaign by Lays are some of the wonderful instances. None other than Netflix and Amazon prime could be the best example of this.

When things are going on such a big level, why don’t you also try this cool trend? This will lift the value of your brand.

5. Video Marketing

How far will you go to prove that your product is worthwhile, blogging, advertising, or active posting on social media?  I know these are the best marketing efforts but aren’t you missing on valuable strategy.  I am not saying that those are outdated but you can integrate an upcoming trend along with current strategies.

A short video encompassing all stuff that you put in your advertisement efforts saves a lot of time and money.

Many marketers perceive video marketing as only YouTube marketing but it is not limited. You can sandwich a short video in your blog to enrich it (you are likely to rank better on SERP). YouTube is quite an obvious place for marketing that requires certain skills like YouTube SEO. Influencers can boost your marketing performance, so if you are planning for video marketing on YouTube, I will give a big thumb up.

What matters the most in video marketing?

video marketing - digital marketing trends

Marketing as a whole is about reaching as many audiences as you can. Being promotional in the video will not work. People are often scared of using a new product, you can remove this fear by showing its use in your videos. If yours is a service-based, you can put behind the scene videos or go live to show how you manage things.

The quality is the biggest thing to keep in mind while recording a video. Though earlier it was a bit challenging now you gotta smartphone. You can leverage the editing tools that it possesses.

6. Influencer Marketing

Research has shown that a lot of investment is going to find its way in influencer marketing. These days, people turn to influencers rather celebs. For the simple reason that they want a realistic approach to their solution. That’s where the big brands are also struggling. The age-old way of celebs advertising is seemed to be dying.

What’s so impressive about influencer marketing?

It is a type of marketing in which a person who has gained significant attention on social media in his niche reviews your product or services. A kind of word-of-mouth marketing that shapes people’s opinions. It sets a tremendous effect on the audience and their attitude towards your brand. These are people who have set their foot in the world of social media through their content on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc. It could be fashion, food, accessories, DIY tips, etc.

AI plus Influencer marketing

Think, if AI could be a lot more use in various fields, why not in influencer marketing. It can search for a great influencer in your niche with real engagements. There is a possibility of fake engagement on an influencer’s page or channel but AI can remove it all. Also, if you are afraid whether you’ll get ROI or not, AI can predict that too based on the influence of influencer’s.

7. Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps are fun, what if you can put fun things to work. It could be a good source of income. People find messaging apps pretty comfortable as you can exchange information within a matter of a few seconds. At your end also it is helpful because you don’t have to wait for a customer to visit your site and make the mind, put things in cart for weeks, and on your reminder, buy it. People also want instant answers to their queries, live chats serve this purpose, all you have to do is be available for them.

  • Rapid delivery of information
  • Instant assistance
  • Quick sale

And I leave some highlights for you to discover after experiencing it. So, go make a group on social messaging apps, spread it, put an image of your products/ services, and let people engage in your brand.

8. Visual Search

I think this is an amazing way to search for the exact thing you are looking for especially when you lack words to define your product. I mean, how can you define the pattern and design, if you search for red shoes, it will give you the pattern but not the one you want. Visual search does give variety but in the way you want or a similar product. This kind of search is going to be new normal and it already has become among millennials.

How does it work?

visual search

You can click a picture of the desired material and the result will be in front of you. It is just that simple. The most popular tool is Google lens, however, webcam and Pinterest lens are also there.

So, you can optimize things for a visual search to reach your customers.

9. Voice Search & Smart Speakers

I think it is time to get optimized for voice search, we are in 2020 and we have Alexa, Siri, and other similar voice search stuff in our home and offices. Voice search for products is no longer a strange thing to people. By optimizing, I want you to think the way a customer could search for things by voice search. He would speak a certain keyword; you must take note of it as you do in text searching.

It is not the last thing to think upon instead you should make it an integral part of your marketing strategy. Let me tell you how it is going to drive sales before you become skeptical about it.

voice assistants - digital marketing trends

Voice search is never going to extinct as long as mobile phones are in the hand of people. Don’t we use voice search in the car? Take me to the nearest restaurant and all. Try using analytics to search for keywords people would like to use that could pull you in the featured snippet. While the rest of the world is busy optimizing for text, you can take your marketing to the next level through voice search optimization.

10. Social Media Stories

Stories on social media play with the human psyche and create a space for you in their mind. Snapchat, Insta stories, later You tube also experimented with this concept with successful results, the reason being fear of missing out, as it stays only for 24 hours. Stories unveil a glimpse of your brand through the little moment, offers, live video, etc. only to create value to your brand.   Today’s youth ignore the mundane kind of advertisement stuff and want something refreshing and thrilling. Stories are short, crisp, and most likely to be watched by them.

What you can do with stories?


Surely, you’ll think that, but it is really simple, as I told stories should be short and crisp, try to put something appealing in your stories, offers, discounts, or inform your audience about your new posts. Stories are a way more interesting things to engage people.

11. Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be a lead-generating agent. Small businesses take advantage of blogs and articles to drive sales. Artificial intelligence works excellent in generating content that too in no time. You may have come across an article powered by AI without realizing it.

digital marketing trends - content marketing

Well-written content is praised by users and kindle the wish of remaining engaged with the brand. If you don’t want to integrate AI it is totally fine, you just have to hire someone to produce quality content in your niche. Engaging content is a kind of hypnotizing in nature (not in that way), it produces a wish to read more. Gradually, users generate interest in your story which you can mention in your site. Further users can sign up to your newsletter, download e-book, or even purchase things from your site.

12. Browser Push Notification

These are notification from websites that you may have visited earlier or has signed up a newsletter. Notifications inform visitors about updates on websites. Many brands take advantage of push notification because it helps in lead generation.


Newsletter sign-ups are easier because users get a notification right in front of their mobile and desktop. If they want, they can unsubscribe it but they will not do it so soon. They take years to unsubscribe that too when they have completely forgotten about you. Till then you have enough time to convince them to sign-up, purchase, add to cart.

13. Omnichannel Marketing

If you have an account on Facebook, many of you will also have on Instagram. If I make you see a brand on both the platforms, it will create an image in your eye and you are likely to develop trust. This is a small example, omnichannel marketing includes more than just Facebook and Instagram. It involves creating a brand image across various social media platforms, search engines, physical stores, etc.

When you do marketing across various channels, you fetch results from various sources. It involves making blogs, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, etc. That’s how a brand image is set up in the market. As compared to relying on one platform you amplify customer engagement, retention, purchase frequency, etc. in omnichannel marketing.

14. Social Commerce and Shoppable Posts

Social media and e-commerce are the heart and soul of digital marketing also dependent on each other. E-commerce requires social media presence and social media provides that space earns.

Shoppable posts

Visual ads with call-to-action beautifully placed before customers encourage them to purchase or book for services. Users don’t need to switch to another app because they can directly access shopping from Instagram, Facebook, etc.

15. Geo-fencing Strategy

Demography based targeting is what you already have in your strategy. You can also try real-time geographical targeting, what’s that? It is targeting in real-time in your vicinity. You can pull someone near to your location. For instance, people in a radius of 2 km, many of whom could probably be looking for a restaurant, can reach you, if you target them. There could many more examples, tailor, bar, gas/ fuel, etc.

Automatic text generation, notification push, or any other mode of communication could be used. Whenever a person leaves or comes in that radius, they’ll be informed.

16. Progressive Web App

If you search for data related to website visits v/s app installation, you will see to your surprise that apps are more often used by them.  Progressive web apps are a replica of websites only.

It serves the same purpose as it sends notifications and it also works offline. Every time on the user’s smartphone and easily accessible. The use of smartphones is ever increasing; you can leverage this situation in upcoming times.

17. User Generated Content

There is a lot more scope of getting engaged audience when you involve user’s interest in your brand. User-generated content is one of those ways. Without spending much time on brand awareness, you can establish an excellent image of your brand.

How does this work?

All you have to do is release competition for users for winning discounts, free offers, coupons, etc. You can just ask for putting their original photograph in their favorite dress or something else. Make sure it is related to your brand. If yours is a boutique, you can try this. Strategies like this kindle the genuine interest of users in your brand.

18. Automation & AI

Many businesses making automation part & parcel of their life. Time has ripened for you too. As I told you earlier also the power of automation is beyond your thinking ability. Your guesswork may work or not, your analysis may betray you sometimes but automation can give not less than accurate results.

  • Automation powered chatbots
  • AI-generated content
  • Performance measurement and suggestion improvement


Cost-cutting, time-saving, and of course many more benefits. Upselling and cross-selling are what you may have started experiencing while purchasing, which is again AI-generated.

You have to run along with dynamic market changes and only automation can help you in today’s scenario.

19. Google Ads Smart Bidding

When organic reach is giving up to the paid advertisement, smart bidding making the process further perceptible. Google smart bid is automated bidding that uses users search behavior pattern and generate a bid rate to give you the most out of it. It is making the process perceptible as you can smell conversions. Adopting this method in 2020 you become ahead of your competitors.

google ads Smart-Bidding digital marketing trends

In manual bidding, you may miss some points which are device-based targeting, location, time or day of active searching, etc. AI utilizes a combination of more than these points to generate a bid rate that has a high probability to give you effective results. The crux is-you get more time to explore as smart bidding serves the purpose.

20. Branding

Branding is another name of building trust. Google just wants to deliver its users trustworthy results. Some brands play smart tactics that work only for a short period because they lack genuineness. For instance, a protein powder that is more filled with sugar than protein is doing fraud. Once Google finds it through a review or something, you’ll be discarded in some way or another. Also, make sure there 100% originality in your content. Let me tell you what you must keep in your mind while creating brand strategies and that is the EAT factor.

Expertise- Amateur content can reflect a lack of expertise, now it doesn’t mean that you should publish some research kind of paper. Keep the content comprehensive and simple with knowledgeable stuff. Ideally, it should answer the search query accurately.

Authority- You need to mention your site on websites of high authority itself. It increases the credibility of your website in the eye of the search engine.

Trustworthiness- It comes with authority. Mention of your site link on famous site’s page signals search engine about your authenticity.

21. SERP Position Zero or Featured Snippet

A featured snippet or position zero is an outcome that you have on SERP on the top. Google filters the most accurate answer and ranks it at the top to deliver the best result. For instance, you searched how to make biryani, you will either find a written step by step guide or video of the same at the top.

SERP position zero or featured snippet

It is all game of SEO rather On-SERP SEO. However, to rank videos you need VSEO. Whatever way you want to take, take, but don’t compromise on featured snippet. For this position, a lot of rivals are already fighting.

22. Better Analysis

It is time to look for better analysis options in the upcoming time. Technology-driven business solutions have taken over various organizations. Maybe you are stuck in old techniques that’s why stopped seeing growth.

Business Intelligence that involves many tools for different business needs may soon throw old techniques out of the market. Giant e-commerce companies like Amazon use such technologies for never-ending growth. You may have to soon look beyond Google Analytics to Google data studio, Tableau, Metabase, and other options.

23. 5G Technology

With the dawn of 3G internet surfing became common, 4G took the business to another level as you know you can book a cab anytime and anywhere. Of course, Google and Facebook are giant beneficiaries. 5 G is going to rule for the next 10 years, with that said, many more devices other than smartphones will be active. For instance, IoT, smartwatches, smart cities, drones, etc.. Certainly, we need fresh strategies for newly integrated devices shortly.

The life of marketers will become easy on one side and others have to face tough competition. 5G is food for thought for future marketing plans.

24. Privacy Marketing

Collecting data for targeting and its protection sounds like a paradox because marketers could barely survive without data. However, it should be a priority for any brand, especially after Facebook security breach incidence. People have become suspicious after such incidence and don’t develop trust so easily on the new website. Meagerly saying that you respect their privacy may not let people believe you. They want assurance through proof, for instance, WhatsApp declares that your messages are encrypted so that neither they nor any third party can read your private messages. Similarly, your brand also needs to show something like that.

You can declare your policies and norms that you follow regarding data privacy so that a person can sign up for your newsletter without any fear. You also need to assure them that your website is secure and safe.

25. Website Security

As I said in the earlier point also that only saying that you trust visitor’s privacy will not work. They need proof of the same and your website’s security is solid proof.

If you experience to bounce back from your site, security could be the main reason. Google neither appreciate unsafe site nor improve it’s ranking on SERP. If you know the difference b/w HTTP and https, you must switch to https as soon as possible. Https is Http only with a secure version in which every detail is encrypted and today every user knows this. You can further extend this assurance by displaying a trust badge on your site.

26. Long-form Content

Long-form content is a highlight of any site because it is full of solutions that people want. Long-form contents have numerous benefits. Visitors will spend more time on your site if you have great long-form content. It is not just about forming long content as people want valuable content, it must be worth spending time on.  It in turn reduces bounce backs and also improves ranking how? Google wants to deliver quality content to its users so if your content qualifies the same your ranking is bound to improve. Backlinks also play a major role in improving ranking and in longer content you can have more no. of backlinks.

Long-form content is like a lifetime investment, fruits of which you can have for a longer time. Quality content is always relevant to people and can give you results for a longer period.

27. Semantic Keyword Research

Posting long blogs around certain keywords is soon going to be the old school method. The search engine has become smarter so it is not going to be fooled by these tricks. In 2020 and the upcoming year search engine with the help of AI is going to refine its results so you need to change the way you work.

Semantic keyword research is the process of identifying the intention of the user’s query. For instance, someone searching a girl’s top may get stores near them where they could find one or sites where they could find the best deals.

All you need to do is increase the relevancy and quality of your content rather than running after keywords only.

28. Neuromarketing

As you can guess by name neuromarketing is a new concept that probably going to contribute a lot after 2020. As of now, we optimize our website or design our ads based on the cognitive-behavioral pattern of consumers. Neuromarketing will allow you to analyze the emotional and mental state of consumers hence giving you more insights for optimization. It may sound like the next to impossible thing but technology has held the reign of our mind also.

Neuromarketing is a marketing strategy based on human brain activity and the nervous system’s analyses. It will be a boon for marketers if they can decipher what going in the consumer’s brain that’s what neuro analytics bring to you.

  • What consumers are finding engaging?
  • The emotional state of consumers
  • The decision in the conscious and non-conscious state of mind
  • Avoid the guesswork and improve decision making

29. Structured data SEO

Structuring of data in the back end that web page creator does also plays a significant role to put you in zero position or snippet. The chances become high when the backend data is organized. This is the role of structured SEO.

Google, Bing, or any other search engine crawls the site’s content and when it finds clean & understandable, and organized data, it put that data on top. The main concern of any search engine is to provide quality content to its users. So, if you keep a neat record of data in the back end of your web page, you are likely to kick the ball in the goal.

30. Alternate Search Engine

No one remains in the first position forever, anything can happen in the future. I am talking about relying on only one search engine.

Marketers optimize their content for a search engine to get a top position. The real aim behind this is to reach the audience. What if someday you don’t find them on the platform you are trying marketing? The audience is aware of concepts like privacy protection and cases of a privacy breach that too by giant platforms can affect them. They could shift to alternate search engines anytime they want and it has happened too many times. My advice for you will be to optimize your content for multiple search engines for a risk-proof approach.

31. Big Data and Deep Learning

In the digital world, data is the real thing because it is the key for marketers. The key is the behavioral pattern, taste, preferences of their consumers. The data collected from social media, search engines, e-commerce, is the main source of that. Here comes the need for data scientists to decipher the data.

Deep learning is similar to machine learning but it is a subgroup of it. The enormous amount of data that you get from various sources is used to extract useful information with the help of deep learning.

Data as I told you earlier also is the main source and also concern for the organization because it is someone’s details out there. Its usage has skyrocketed from a few past years and only going to expand soon.

32. Micro-Moments

Micro-moments are the critical period in which consumer wants the best result instantly, thanks to smartphones. The old school concept of marketing funnel awareness, consideration, purchase needs a relook because micro-moments are the new ruler. Under micro-moments consumer’s intent may vary like-

  • I want to go moments
  • I want to do moments
  • I want to buy moments

So, when they get results their expectation is higher and they may also decide in these moments. A marketer’s job is to track these moments and provide high-quality relevant results. If they succeed in this job they may also surpass big brands because consumers run for a solution with low patience in these moments.

33. Social Media Marketing

2020 and years ahead will see a change in social media platforms, Instagram may remove likes and much more. You being a marketer has this fresh food for thought. Influencer marketing will be there but other creative options & new features will be on social media. For instance, In the USA, Facebook launched a payment option in 2019 for direct purchasing on the platform. Marketers need to turn their heads to explore and integrate with innovative features.

IGTV is not a new concept but will flourish in the upcoming time as video content may dominate. In years beyond 2020, dull & boring content will flop as people want creativity.  Marketers are already leveraging Snapchat’s augmented reality features. Creative options like digital graphics are also in use to generate great content.

34. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics as the name hints is predicting a future that helps in mapping strategies. Big data & AI has made it possible to predict certain habits and behavioral pattern of consumers. Using machine learning, data analysis, you can get relevant information about your audience like-

  • Figure out in advance what your customer is likely to buy
  • Improve targeting
  • Price customer is willing to pay that will help in price management and much more.

The augmented analysis helps in extracting useful insights that are used to make predictive modeling. Data scientist collect & analyze data, augmented analysis reduces their burden and allow them space for a more productive task. It interacts with data like what data scientist does and draw out information useful for marketers.

A breakthrough like predictive & augmented analysis has already made the life of marketers easy and there is a room left for productivity.

35. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising involves the use of artificial intelligence in buying and selling of online advertisement. AI reduces human involvement that makes the process efficient & transparent. Otherwise, you may not realize whether the particular platform is reliable or not for your ads display. With AI you could be sure that your targeting is right assuring higher conversion. In programmatic advertising, you have real-time bidding where the process of bidding is automated for impressions released by publishers. If you want to lower the cost of customer acquisition and also high-end results, integrate programmatic advertising in marketing strategy.

Final Wordings

Marketing is the field that needs experiments and implementation of the same to stay in the race. These 35 points guide will help you to embrace new digital marketing trends for a seamless journey in marketing ahead.

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